Epoxy pebble-stone is a polymer resin matrix mixed with smooth, rounded river stone to form an attractive and uniform new surface. The system offers unparalleled advantages to traditional concrete tear-out and replacement.


    • Twice the strength of concrete
    • Salt resistant
    • Minimal to no yard damage
    • Enhances beauty and resale value
    • Easily repaired
    • Multiple colors available
    • Porous, nonskid surface
    • One-day installation
    • Allows foot traffic after 12/24 hours
    • Freeze/thaw stable
    • 0.35 to 0.75-inch thickness
    • Eliminates standing water
    • Adhesion to subsurface warranty

Care and Maintenance

Follow these simple guidelines to keep your PEBBLE-STONE system looking like new:

      • Resealing of the PEBBLE-STONE system is recommended every 2-5 years, depending upon traffic and exposure to sunlight.
      • Pressure washing is recommended when necessary. Contact

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